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Loose Brushstrokes

The Work-In-Progress

Have you ever seen the back of a tapestry while it is still on the loom?  There are often spools of thread dangling haphazardly all over the place.  It's a jumbled up mess!   Have you ever seen a painting in-progress?  It looks weak, disjointed, and indecipherable.  Some portions rise to the fore, some portions get lost.   The same can be said of a clay pot.  Incomplete in form and perhaps misshapen, it still has a long way to go under the direction of the potter's hands.   We find our own lives to be in the same place, don't we?  Rough around the edges.  Unrefined.  Incomplete.   But there is hope, friend!  We have a loving God, Father, and Creator who is infinitely capable to finish...

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God Paints Loosely

Artists talk about tight brushwork and loose brushwork.  Some elements of painting are free form and depicted in broad gestures; others are fastidiously developed.  In my paintings, I employ passages of both techniques in all of my compositions.  Some of my loosely painted areas are graded washes, textures on objects, and flowing, evocative shapes.  It got me wondering, "What could be God's loose brushstrokes?"  Here are a few ideas:   The skies in all their clouded splendor Veins of coal within a mountain Flowing locks of hair on His people Tendrils clinging to one another Seawater splashes on rocky shorelines Molten lava snaking its way downhill Jellyfish tentacles   Can you come up with other examples of God painting loosely?  ...

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I Will Try

A people chosen A priesthood royal A nation holy Owned by the Most High   Bought with purpose: Declaring to darkness "He called me to His wonderful light!"   Can I through colors Washes and brushes Speak as though thunder illumines the night?   Can I with sponges compositional touches proclaim all Your wonders? Lord, I will try....

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We are God’s Master Poem

When you look in the mirror what comes to your mind?  Do you see yourself as a masterpiece?  A poem, carefully crafted?  A work of great glory and detail?  A being of importance?   Perhaps when your hair is out of place and your breath smells less than desirable, you can't imagine that any of those nouns and adjectives apply to you.  Me neither!   Perhaps when you sin by ignoring the needs of those closest to you, or angrily lash out at a co-worker, or impatiently grumble at the trials of life, you don't feel like any of those nouns and adjectives apply to you.  And once again, I am right there with you.   Yet in the midst of both our disheveled hair and...

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What was the first creation of God?

If you are like me, you may flip to the first pages of the Bible .  There you'd find that the answer given is "the heavens and the earth."  But, there is another entity that lays claim to being the first creation of God.  Wisdom cries out, "The LORD brought me forth as the first of His works, before His deeds of old; I was appointed from the beginning, before the world began" (Proverbs 8:22-23).  Now, since this proclamation is placed in a highly poetic passage of Scripture (wisdom is even personified here!), we don't want to be dogmatic about what it truly means.  Nevertheless, when we ponder the mighty creative acts of God, let us recall that wisdom stakes...

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