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I Walked with God, Child


I walked with God, child, on top of the waves. But in a dark moment I wasn't so brave.   Jesus was taken; I feared for my life. When questioned about Him, I answered with lies.   The rooster then crowed, I wept in my hands. But Jesus still made me a fisher of men.   Oh, Please walk with God, child, when it counts the most. Let your bravery be more than my empty boasts.   Oh, Stand and be counted! Christ surely will save! He'll give you the courage to stand and be brave....

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I walked with God, child, when grown men were scared. I did as a young boy what no one would dare.   Goliath against my sling and some stones; my heart fully trusting in my God alone.   Though the great giant was taller than all, God and my slingshot had caused him to fall.   Oh, Please walk with God, child, and walk in your youth. Who knows what giants you'll topple with truth?   Oh, Weapons you fight with are not of this world. They're given by God to brave boys and brave girls....

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I walked with God, child, and only I dared reject the king’s orders and meet God in prayer.   The trap was then set by some jealous men. The lions were waiting for me in their den.   God sent His angel to close up their jaws. Those men, in the morning, were meeting their claws.     Oh, Please walk with God, child, though against the law. His power can save you from sword and from paw.   Oh, Go to your window and meet with God there, And know your deliverance begins with your prayer....

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I walked with God, child, but fled His command to preach to the people of Nineveh’s land.   A ship and a storm, the depths of the sea, a fish for protection, repentance for me.   I warned the whole town to fear God above. A vine taught this grumbler of God’s wondrous love.   Oh, Please walk with God, child. Don’t run from His call to reach people for Him, both great and small.   Oh, Please walk with God, child. Who knows whom you’ll tell of God’s awesome power and mercy as well?...

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