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Washed with the Word

Thy Word

Washed with the Word

With each new day comes a new flash of fads aimed at self-improvement.  So it seems, at least!


“Try this guaranteed program…” 


“5 easy steps to…”


“Experts announce…”


“As a 7, I really connect with…”


Clickbait headlines, hardcover best-sellers, and the latest talking head to fill in the 3 pm timeslot all broadcast their wares, concepts, and discoveries.


The world wants to fix and it wants to reimage.  It wants to solve our problems, but none of the offerings it markets can actually change our human condition.  Only one object does that:  God’s Word.


And God’s Word sitting on our bookshelves won’t work, either.  The only Word of God that works the transformation we need is the opened, read, pondered, memorized, internalized, and cherished Word of God.


So call that number, place that order, dial up that prayer, set aside that block of time, and open that cover!  The Word of God has power to change us.  May God have His way with us as we immerse ourselves in the water of His Word.

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