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Beauty and Beholder

Still to Come

Sweet memories.  Bitter memories.  Joys and hardships intermingled.  They fill our days.   Our pasts are mixtures of beauty and ashes.  The former times of our lives...

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Making the Messiah

Once, He had taken a portion of ground in His almighty hands.  He fashioned the dust of the earth into flesh and bone.  He breathed...

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Taste and See

I watch as my kids cast sideways glances at the skillet that rests on the table.  Its' contents are very colorful.  To them, dangerously so. ...

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Seeing the Future

The text I received went something like this:   The doctors have given him two months to live.  He really wants to meet with an elementary Art...

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Wardrobe Change

Shirts.  Tees, button-down, collared, flannel.  I'm sure you have a closet full of them.  We do.  There have even been times when we have purchased...

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One Body, Many Arts

"I really struggled with art in high school.  I just couldn't make anything the right way."   That's what a friend said to me recently.  In fact,...

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Who Is Like the Lord?

For who in the skies above can compare with the Lord?     Who is like the Lord among the heavenly beings? -Ethan the Ezrahite in Psalm 89:6   They exchanged the truth about...

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