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Burning Bushes

A bush on fire, yet not consumed, catches the eye of all in the room Who can't help but notice? Who could ever miss A heart that's devoted to one's Lord like this? A life on a pyre, a fiery plume, whose only desire--his Lord's renown.   And God speaks there within the flame Sealing our stare, calling our name. Commissioning servants, Revealing His plans, Ennobling the worthless so that they can stand. And stand we where He takes His aim to show His care and love and fame....

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Taste and See

I watch as my kids cast sideways glances at the skillet that rests on the table.  Its' contents are very colorful.  To them, dangerously so.  They know that vegetable sautees like this one may very well contain (gulp) onions, peppers, squash, and cabbage.  Could there be a tomato somewhere in the mix, too?   I can see the gears within their heads spinning as their eyes roam the contours of the steaming cookware.  They are contemplating: should I raise an objection?  Should I ask, "Do I have to eat all of it to get dessert?"  Can I force a smile onto my face as I examine this dish?  Am I able to say, "Thanks, Mom!" when a large dollop is placed upon...

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