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I walked with God, child, from Egypt and back and out once again with my miracle staff.   A basket of reeds, a bush all a-glow, the Red Sea just parted, a snake on a pole.   A mountain trembled with lightning and smoke, two tablet commandments in anger I broke.   Miracles, wonders, and teachings I gave to the people of God, that they may be saved.   Oh, Please walk with God, child! Who knows who you'll lead out of captivity, into belief?   Oh, Please walk with God, child, your face all a-glow, meeting with God, child, His glory to show.  ...

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I walked with God, child, and came from afar. I travelled alone with my mother-in-law.   Our husbands had died and we were so poor, I gleaned up the wheat from the fields and the floor.   God put me into His own Son's great line. Yes, He was so faithful to me all the time.   Oh, Please walk with God, child-- let faithfulness be spoken about you as your legacy.   Oh, Cling to your dear ones and serve them in love. You'll be a reflection of our God above....

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I walked with God, child, on top of the waves. But in a dark moment I wasn't so brave.   Jesus was taken; I feared for my life. When questioned about Him, I answered with lies.   The rooster then crowed, I wept in my hands. But Jesus still made me a fisher of men.   Oh, Please walk with God, child, when it counts the most. Let your bravery be more than my empty boasts.   Oh, Stand and be counted! Christ surely will save! He'll give you the courage to stand and be brave....

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I walked with God, child, when grown men were scared. I did as a young boy what no one would dare.   Goliath against my sling and some stones; my heart fully trusting in my God alone.   Though the great giant was taller than all, God and my slingshot had caused him to fall.   Oh, Please walk with God, child, and walk in your youth. Who knows what giants you'll topple with truth?   Oh, Weapons you fight with are not of this world. They're given by God to brave boys and brave girls....

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