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Was There Ever A Day

Was there ever a day like that one?   It was a day when a young woman's fears couldn't have been been greater.  Her first child was on His way.  He was ready to come into the world in the usual way, and yet also in a way that was anything but usual.  Would they make it to their destination on time?  Would there be an experienced midwife to aid her as she brought Him into the world?   It was a day when a man's energies were exhausted from days of traveling by foot on dusty roads.  But an arrival at their destination would not bring rest, but rather labor.  Did he have the strength to endure?  Was he following the right leading? ...

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Making the Messiah

Once, He had taken a portion of ground in His almighty hands.  He fashioned the dust of the earth into flesh and bone.  He breathed life into His creation.  And now, the same God whose hands formed the first man was at work again.   He had in mind what He wanted to make.  Not just another man, but a new kind of Man.  Temporal flesh and bone prepared for eternal Spirit to inhabit.  A body in which to dwell among us--a "tabernacle."   It would be a body prepared for a purpose.  It would suffer.  The skin would be flayed and pierced.  Blood and water would one day flow from within it, all in the act of accomplishing of its purpose.  Insults would...

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