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I Walked with God, Child



I walked with God, child, when He sent a flood. Man grieved His heart so God needed to judge.   My family would build an ark with our hands to float us...

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Moses life story


I walked with God, child, from Egypt and back and out once again with my miracle staff.   A basket of reeds, a bush all a-glow, the Red Sea just parted, a snake...

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I walked with God, child; King Ahab did not. So he vowed to get me with all that he got.   A famine, some ravens, some flour and oil, an altar with...

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I walked with God, child and led in His name all God's chosen people on Jericho's plain.   The mighty stone wall-- it made us all frown. God gave strange instructions to bring...

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I walked with God, child, and came from afar. I travelled alone with my mother-in-law.   Our husbands had died and we were so poor, I gleaned up the wheat from the fields...

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I walked with God, child, on top of the waves. But in a dark moment I wasn't so brave.   Jesus was taken; I feared for my life. When questioned about Him, I...

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I walked with God, child, when grown men were scared. I did as a young boy what no one would dare.   Goliath against my sling and some stones; my heart fully...

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I walked with God, child, and only I dared reject the king’s orders and meet God in prayer.   The trap was then set by some jealous men. The lions were waiting for...

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I walked with God, child, but fled His command to preach to the people of Nineveh’s land.   A ship and a storm, the depths of the sea, a fish for protection, repentance...

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