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One Body, Many Arts

"I really struggled with art in high school.  I just couldn't make anything the right way."   That's what a friend said to me recently.  In fact, what she declared is in line with what most people say about their own experience in artistic environs.   "I am not an artist."   "I can't draw anything right--not even a stick figure."   Perhaps you have even said these things.  Statements like these reveal a misunderstanding about what it means to be artistic by nature.  We are creators by pedigree, manufacturers by design!  The reason for this ontology flows naturally from our theology.  We are all image bearers of the One who created all things, and He has given us an innate impulse to fashion that which is good...

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We are God’s Master Poem

When you look in the mirror what comes to your mind?  Do you see yourself as a masterpiece?  A poem, carefully crafted?  A work of great glory and detail?  A being of importance?   Perhaps when your hair is out of place and your breath smells less than desirable, you can't imagine that any of those nouns and adjectives apply to you.  Me neither!   Perhaps when you sin by ignoring the needs of those closest to you, or angrily lash out at a co-worker, or impatiently grumble at the trials of life, you don't feel like any of those nouns and adjectives apply to you.  And once again, I am right there with you.   Yet in the midst of both our disheveled hair and...

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