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Incarnation Paradox

Incarnation Paradox

The Son is the image of the invisible God

Deity wrapped in bone and blood

In manger, the Spirit became Flesh

and now even mortal eyes could rest

upon the Maker’s form and countenance


the firstborn over all creation

Ruler of flower and beast and nation

Bethlehem hills, drawn by His hands

Now He dwells upon the land

His voice had made with His command


For by Him all things were created

All things, from the smallest up to the greatest

Fly that buzzes ’round His head,

Wood that cradles Him as bed,

Swaddling cloths of fibrous thread


And in Him all things hold together

Infant wingspan, able to tether

Unseen and seen, bind atoms and stars

while nestled within in His mother’s arms,

helpless to defend against what harms?

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