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God Paints Loosely

God Paints Loosely

Artists talk about tight brushwork and loose brushwork.  Some elements of painting are free form and depicted in broad gestures; others are fastidiously developed.  In my paintings, I employ passages of both techniques in all of my compositions.  Some of my loosely painted areas are graded washes, textures on objects, and flowing, evocative shapes.  It got me wondering, “What could be God’s loose brushstrokes?”  Here are a few ideas:


The skies in all their clouded splendor

Veins of coal within a mountain

Flowing locks of hair on His people

Tendrils clinging to one another

Seawater splashes on rocky shorelines

Molten lava snaking its way downhill

Jellyfish tentacles


Can you come up with other examples of God painting loosely?


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