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Glory and Calluses

Glory and Calluses

Is my heart so hard?  Are my ears so deaf?  My eyes covered in layers of scale?  Could it be that when glory is standing before me, I am unmoved by it?


Sadly, the answer is yes.  I sit before the Word.  My eyes take in the sentences, but the meaning is hidden in fog.  Between the cereal bowl and the day’s activities that sit before me, my mind is shrouded in a cloud of competing thoughts.


Is there a common denominator to the distractions?  I believe that there is, and its name is Pride.  One could call it Self-Worship, too.  This familiar enemy of the children of God keeps our hearts hardened and our ears deaf, our eyes darkened and our minds dulled.  It stops us from seeing and meditating on the glory of our God.


O Lord, remove the calluses that roughen my heart and limit my hearing!  O Lord, take out the obstructions to my vision and sweep away the self-focused haze within my thoughts.


And in so doing, may there be an outpouring of praise from the depths of my being!  May I hear you clearly as your Word is applied to my life by the Holy Spirit.  May my eyes behold your glory anew and my mind let the image linger.


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