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Bring Them To Jesus


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    WalkOnWatercolors prints are also customizable in a large format size on extremely durable PVC board—perfect for use in public spaces such as youth group rooms, foyers, and sanctuaries. If you are interested in pricing on larger images, please email Andrew at info@walkonwatercolors.com.


The narrative passages found in the gospels portray Jesus’ interactions with the people who lived in that day.  We see His miraculous touch. We glimpse His compassion.  His boldness is on display in these passages as well.  Sometimes, we are given a view of the desire, bravery, and faith of ordinary people like you and I.  In one such instance, four men are so determined to bring their paralyzed friend to Jesus that they break a hole in the roof of the building where He was teaching.  When Jesus saw their faith, He forgave the sins of the man and healed him, too.  We can also be courageous actors in bringing our loved ones to Jesus.  Through our intercessory prayer, loving actions, and truthful pleading, we may see the Lord heal and forgive them!


For the whole story, read Mark 2:1-12.

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Dimensions 54 × 28 × 26 cm


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