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Andrew Lindberg

When we meet Hannah in the Scriptures, we encounter a godly woman who is filled with sorrow. Her husband loves her, but his other wife has become her rival and has abused her mercilessly. Her mistreatment centers on the fact that she has been unable to bear children. She enters the tabernacle and pours out her heart to God. She promised to give back to the LORD any son that He would give her. Eli, the priest, saw her from a distance and accused her of being drunk. When Hannah told him the source of her sorrow, his heart softened toward her and he blessed her. And just as Eli said, the LORD did answer Hannah’s prayer with a son. True to her word, she brought the young boy back to Eli, saying that her son will be a servant of the LORD throughout his whole life. As year passed and her boy grew, Hannah visited him in the care of Eli and brought him new clothes to fit his growing frame.


See 1 Samuel, chapters 1 and 2, for the whole story.


I hope that this image will be a reminder to you of the truth of God’s Word, His tender mercies toward those who are troubled, and the manner in which He calls His servants.


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November 29, 2020
They Walked with God