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Look Up: Our Hope in the Promises of God

Andrew Lindberg
Look Up: Our Hope in the Promises of God

God is a God of promises.  Throughout the pages of Scripture, He gave His people a hope in a sure future centered on His deliverance through Jesus.  Even from the early days of the people of God, the prophet Balaam spoke of a star that would rise from Jacob and rule the nations with His scepter.  God also announced the birth of Jesus with a star pointing the way.  With the coming of the Lord, a new era of righteousness through Christ ensued, which the prophet Malachi foretold when he spoke of the rising of a sun of righteousness with healing in its wings.  The people of God would respond to such a wonder by leaping like a calf released from a stall.  Once a person becomes a member of God’s family through faith in Christ, He commissions us to be His ambassadors, shining like stars in the universe as we hold out the word of life.  Throughout the days of our life, we continue to look upwards, waiting upon the day in which we will see our Lord coming once again to make all things new.  Three artistic elements of note in this image: the curvaceous, colorful elements represent the healing of God; the woman can be called Ecclesia, for she represents the Church, a servant of the Lord carrying the light and healing she has experienced herself to the needy world around her; the clouds of Bethlehem become the clouds of the second coming, providing a thematic link between the two distinct times of Christ’s entrance into His creation.


See Numbers 24:17, Matthew 2:1-13, Genesis 15:6, Philippians 2:15-16, and Acts 1:10 for the whole story.

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December 26, 2022
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