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The Word of God begins with His account of how He made the world.  Of all the things God wanted to communicate to His people through Moses, He chose to start with this fact:  God created.  This image takes us through the creation week, building sequentially from disorder to order, from darkness to delineation, from nothing to “it is good.”  Light begins the creative activity of God and the creation of humankind, represented by male and female, completes it.  Today, these basic lessons from the Lord continue to guide His people into a right and real view of God and of themselves.

See Genesis chapter 1 for the whole story.


I hope that this image will be a reminder to you of the truth of God’s Word, His wisdom and power represented in His creation, and the beauty of male and female as the culmination of His creative work.


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August 28, 2020
Teachings and Narratives