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Fleeing the Lie

Grasping like Sin

Fleeing the Lie

Sin portrays itself as sweet.  Enticing words and images enter our minds, asking us to dwell upon them.  Mirages appear on our screens and beckon us to drink them in.  The siren song of sin calls to our hearts, attempting to lure us from the safety offered by God’s ways into destruction and chaos.


We often forget the warnings of Scripture when in the midst of mesmerization temptation:


Her feet go down to death.  


Dead men’s bones lie there.


You’ll forfeit the grace that could be yours.


It’s better if a millstone were tied around your neck and you were thrown into the sea.


This will wage war against your soul.



If these warnings fail to reach our consciousness, what can we rely on to resist sin?


The answer is our treasuring of Christ.


His beauty must reign supreme in our thoughts.  Then no usurper can take Him off the throne of our hearts.  His glory must be our highest aim.  Then all possible sinful actions would be seen as only means through which we tarnish His majesty.  Knowing Him must be our greatest treasure.  Then, with the pearl of greatest price in our possession, sparkling, but lesser, gems won’t outshine Christ.


May God help His people to do all these things in increasing measure.  May our lives reflect His holiness to a greater extent.  And as Christ is magnified in our eyes, may all sinful enticements become dross to us, burned up in amazing fire of God’s presence.  Let us remember that as we run in the path of His commands, He sets our hearts free.

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