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The Walk to Emmaus

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On the day of Christ's Resurrection, two amazed and bewildered disciples traveled to the town of Emmaus when they were joined on their journey by the risen Jesus. They did not recognize Him right away, though. When they shared with him their confusion at the events that had just taken place, at once this "stranger" began to open the Scriptures to them-Scriptures that revealed the person and work of Christ. The three stopped in Emmaus to rest and eat and the eyes of the men were opened to see Jesus for who He really was when He broke the bread for their meal. In joyful excitement, they agreed that their hearts had been burning within their chests as the Scriptures about the Christ were shown to them. Immediately, they traveled right back to Jerusalem to tell the disciples about their time of fellowship with their risen Lord.

See the 24th chapter of the book of Luke for the whole story, as well as Genesis 3, Isaiah 53, and Zechariah 9 and 12.

The Walk to Emmaus

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