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This watercolor painting tells Ruth's story-one of faithfulness, love, and redemption-through four major turning points of her life. Beginning where the Old Testament book begins, this image shows Ruth accompanying her mother-in-law, Naomi, back to the land of Judah after their husbands had died in Moab. To provide food for Naomi and herself, Ruth gleaned the leftover grain from Boaz's field and found favor with him. Following her mother-in-law's advice, Ruth let Boaz know of her need to be provided for by lying at his feet on his threshing floor. Boaz then took Ruth as his wife. Their child, Obed, was the grandfather of David. In His sovereign plan, God displayed His kindness to Ruth, even involving her in the lineage of the future Messiah.

Ruth's story is found in the Old Testament in the book of Ruth.


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All WalkOnWatercolors prints are 8x10 and are matted in your choice of cream or black to fit into any 11x14 frame opening. Each print comes in a protective sleeve along with a description of the imagery so that you will know how to explain the painting to others.