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Neither Do I Condemn You

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A woman was caught in adultery, a sin which required the offending parties to be stoned. The Pharisees and the teachers of the law presented her to the public in the temple courts, ready to carry out her sentence. However, they also wanted to use the sad situation as a trap for Jesus. They tried to get Him to be in disagreement with the Scriptures. Rather than replying verbally, Jesus wrote with His finger in the sand. He challenged those who were ready to stone her to examine their own hearts prior to meting out her lawful punishment. Whatever the Lord wrote is unknown to this day, but the effect of His writing is still remembered and cherished-the accusers began walking away. Jesus, the only one present at the scene without sin, proceeded to restore the woman through forgiveness and challenge her to live a holy life.

See John 8:1-11 for the whole story.

Neither Do I Condemn You

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