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The thirteenth chapter of the book of I Corinthians is known as the "love chapter," for in it godly love is defined and fleshed out. This watercolor, entitled, "Love," portrays aspects of the description of love found within that well-known and often-cited passage of Scripture. "Love" is set within the context of the marriage relationship, although the context of the passage is clearly wider than that. The three pillars represent the three spiritual virtues mentioned at the end of the chapter: "faith, hope, and love-but the greatest of these is love." Within the central and largest pillar (love) a husband and wife embrace, supported by a fortress ("love always protects"), enveloped by an infinite form ("love never fails"), and advised by the hands of a clock ("love is patient"). On the outskirts of the painting, clanging gongs, resounding cymbals, and flames remind us that the absence of love in speech and action results in offense and fruitlessness.


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