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There are a number of occasions in the Bible where God uses very strange methods, from a human perspective, to accomplish His purposes. The battle of Jericho is one of those times. This artwork recounts how God delivered the people of Jericho into the Israelites' hands. As per God's instructions, the nation marched around the enemy city for one week. On the seventh day of the week, the priests blew trumpets and the people gave out a loud shout and the walls of Jericho collapsed, enabling the Israelites to take the city. The only inhabitants of Jericho who were saved were those in Rahab's house, which was known to the Israelites by the scarlet cord tied from her window. She had protected the men who came to spy on the land prior to the Israelites' invasion.

See the book of Joshua, chapters 4-6, for the whole story.


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All WalkOnWatercolors prints are 8x10 and are matted in your choice of cream or black to fit into any 11x14 frame opening. Each print comes in a protective sleeve along with a description of the imagery so that you will know how to explain the painting to others.