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The ministry of the prophet Jonah is retold in this image. When God called him to speak to the sinful city of Nineveh, he boarded a ship bound for the opposite direction. During a terrible storm, Jonah was thrown overboard by the ship's crew and swallowed by a huge fish. While in the beast's belly, he repented and purposed to do God's will in Nineveh. Upon preaching to that city, the people repented of their sins. Jonah became upset, though, that God would allow the Ninevites to escape His judgment by turning from their wicked ways. God showed Jonah an object lesson of His grace and compassion for people who are far from Him through the growing and withering of a vine.

Jonah's story is found in the Old Testament book of the same name.


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All WalkOnWatercolors prints are 8x10 and are matted in your choice of cream or black to fit into any 11x14 frame opening. Each print comes in a protective sleeve along with a description of the imagery so that you will know how to explain the painting to others.