Custom WalkOnWatercolors Prints

Large Format Sizes

WalkOnWatercolors prints are also available in large format sizes. Ideal for multi-purpose church settings or for making a dramatic statement in your own home, WalkOnWatercolors large format prints are customizable to fit any space. Printed on lightweight PVC board with UV-cured ink, these products are perfect for large church walls where Christian testimony, aesthetic beauty, and extreme durability are desired.

These products can be ordered in dimensions proportional to the standard 8" x 10" size of WalkOnWatercolors prints, up to 4' x 5'. The surface of the large format prints is a smooth matte finish, able to take a beating from basketballs, frisbees, and many other items that youth groups can throw at them. At less than 15 lbs., their light weight allows them to be hung using a variety of methods including brackets or bolts. Even heavy-duty Velcro-style hanging systems can be used to allow for maximum portability and seasonal décor changes. The edges of the PVC board are white or black and create a modern finished look when hung, without the need for costly framing.

WalkOnWatercolors large format prints provide you with flexibility for size, pricing, and optimization of space in your home and church.

*Shipping on the Large Format prints is negotiable, depending on size and quantity ordered.