Dear Fundraiser,

When I began painting these images 6 years ago, I hoped that God would do great things with them for His kingdom.  As I look back, I am amazed to see how God has directed me in different courses of action to make WalkOnWatercolors useful to Him in ways I never dreamed of initially.  Now I wait expectantly to see how these paintings can be of use to your ministry as well.

Our Purpose

These artworks were first conceived with the intention of impacting children’s lives.  The images are meant to be both concealing and revealing, similar to other books and toys that challenge children to search through an image to find hidden meanings.  Each image tells of the people and teachings of the Scriptures, making them excellent teaching tools for parents.  The paintings are also meant to be reminders and witnesses of God’s goodness, mighty power, and faithfulness in believers’ homes.  They are intended to act as conversation starters for guests and hosts to engage in spiritual dialogue. Finally, the newest purpose for these artworks is to help various groups within the body of Christ to raise funds for the work of the kingdom.  By offering them to other ministries, God is given the opportunity to multiply their usefulness exponentially.

Our Invitation

Do you desire to raise funds for your ministry, school, or youth group?  Would you be excited about having over 50% of all sales profits directed back to your ministry?  Do you want the products that you are selling to not only help your ministry financially, but also be a spiritual blessing to those who support you?  Do you also want your children who are selling the artworks to be encouraged spiritually as they talk about the items they are selling?  If so, WalkOnWatercolors modern Biblical art prints are the fundraiser for you.  I hope that you will be as excited as I am about this opportunity for your ministry.

In Christ,

Andrew Lindberg
Founder and Painter,

Currently Sponsoring & Fundraising

    How It Works

  1. We can do a promotional code for you (like “YourGroup”) that your supporters can use to order prints on-line. When they place their order using this promotional code, WalkOnWatercolors will return 50% of all profits from the sale of the print (not including tax or shipping charges) to your group. Basically, for every print sold at full price on-line to your supporters, your group will receive $15. These promotional codes would need to be advertised by you and your supporters. WalkOnWatercolors could continue such a promotional code indefinitely (for years on end).
  2. We can do a time-window deal where 50% all print sales throughout the course of a certain time period are given to your group. There would be no promotional code sent out, just an advertisement to shop at to support your group. One caveat is that if another group’s promo code is used during this time window fundraiser, your group cannot receive the 50% donation for that particular order; that particular group’s promotional code will take precedence and the 50% donation from that particular sale will go to them. Only one group can employ a time-window fundraiser at any given time.
  3. You can sell prints at your events, on-site. Your group will be supplied with all the necessary items for having a WalkOnWatercolors booth: a folding table and tablecloth, WalkOnWatercolors business cards, a WalkOnWatercolors banner, an account sheet to monitor your sales, and a bin with 50 prints from WalkOnWatercolors. Your group would need to pay a $100 non-refundable start-up fee for this service. Your group members would be in charge of manning the table and selling the prints at your event. You can sell the prints for as much as you want to. WalkOnWatercolors asks that you give half of the profits, up to a total of $500 (including your initial $100 fee), to us. Any sales above and beyond that number, you get to keep. Your group would be required to return all sales account information, booth materials, and unsold products to WalkOnWatercolors. Payment to WalkOnWatercolors will then be figured out and billed to your group. If any materials are lost or damaged in any way, your group will be responsible to repay WalkOnWatercolors for the replacement of those items.
  4. You can sell prints via catalog sales, in the same way as you would conduct a hoagie sale. WalkOnWatercolors does ask that you pay for the catalogs in advance, in order for us to cut down on costs. Each catalog costs $2.50. Your group then takes the catalogs to prospective buyers over the course of your fundraiser. WalkOnWatercolors will give 50% of the proceeds from such a sale to your group and asks that your group splits the costs of shipping and tax with us. Your group may not need to pay taxes under this format, depending on the duration of your fundraiser and your tax exempt status.

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback about these fundraising programs.

   Do we need to pay sales tax?

Perhaps, but not always. Here is how the law dictates that non-profit organizations can avoid paying sales tax on merchandise in a fundraiser:

If the non-profit or religious organization holds a valid "75-" prefix exemption number issued by the Pa Department of Revenue, they are considered an exempt organization. WalkOnWatercolors is responsible to make sure that your ministry or group is indeed a recognized non-profit, tax exempt organization by obtaining a copy of your tax exempt number.

The exempt organization is permitted to make purchases tax exempt of property used for fundraising, if the exempt organization sales qualify as "Isolated Sales" under the law as follows: Isolated sales-Sales of taxable property or services which:

  1. Occur no more frequently than three times nor for more than a total of 7 days in any 1-calendar year.
  2. Are not made from a location at which other businesses are making similar sales of the same taxable property or services upon which tax is required to be collected.

Your group must also file a Rev-1220 (PA Certificate of Exemption) with WalkOnWatercolors for each fundraising drive that you conduct. The form is available at

Here is an example to add clarity:

Exempt organization E makes purchases of property for resale on three separate occasions during the calendar year. E files a unit exemption certificate for each purchase. Set forth on each certificate is an explanation that the property will be sold during a period of 2 days. Thereafter, E makes a fourth purchase of property and tenders an exemption certificate to the supplier. The attachment to the certificate indicates that the property will be sold in an isolated sale during a period of 2 days. The supplier is not permitted to accept the exemption certificate in good faith. Unless E has a sales tax license number entitling it to purchase the property for resale, the supplier is required to charge Pennsylvania sales tax on this sale of the property to E since the fourth sale does not qualify as an isolated sale."