Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is your return policy?

    WalkOnWatercolors will gladly refund your payment if a request is made within 30 days from the date of purchase. We request that the prints be returned to WalkOnWatercolors in their original condition at purchaser’s expense prior to the completion of your refund.

  • Do you have a special pricing policy?

    Yes. For those who would like to have a WalkOnWatercolors print but have limited discretionary funds, WalkOnWatercolors has an open handed policy. Simply email us at We would love to put a WalkOnWatercolors print into your hands for a price you can afford.

  • Do your prints come in larger sizes?

    All standard WalkOnWatercolors prints come 8x10, matted to fit 11x14 frames, with the exception of "Family Worship," which comes in 11x14 as its standard size, unmatted. Most prints are available in Large Format sizes, which can extend up to 4' x 5'. Click here for more information on Large Format sizes.

    *Shipping on the Large Format prints is negotiable, depending on size and quantity ordered.

  • How do I get an original?

    Andrew does work on a commission basis and desires to use his commissions to build the portfolio of WalkOnWatercolors. Here is how the process works: simply email us at with a Scripture passage or a Biblical character or theme. You will be presented with compositional sketches for you to choose your favorite. The image will be painted and matted in your choice of color schemes. All originals will be 12x15, matted to fit in a 16x20 frame, and cost is $400 plus tax and shipping. A $100 nonrefundable deposit will be requested after the compositional sketch is chosen. The deposit will be put toward your final payment.

  • Can I purchase prints at a wholesale price?

    Yes. If you are interested in purchasing prints from WalkOnWatercolors at a wholesale price of $20/print, we ask that you purchase at least 20. If you would like to purchase a large volume of prints, please email us at and we can work out an agreement together.

  • Does my non-profit organization have to pay sales tax on the WalkOnWatercolors merchandise that we sell?

    Perhaps. There are three main guidelines that your non-profit organization will have to meet to have your fundraising proceeds be tax exempt. First, the sale of WalkOnWatercolors prints must last for a duration of no longer than 7 days in a calendar year and you must have no more than 3 selling periods in a calendar year. The second requirement that must be met is for your sale to take place outside of a building that sells the same WalkOnWatercolors products with tax attached. These guidelines can be found in PA Department of Revenue tax codes. Thirdly, you must present 2 forms to WalkOnWatercolors to apply for tax exemption on your fundraiser: your group’s tax exemption number (begins with “75-“) given by the PA Dept. of Revenue, and the copy of the “PA Exemption Certification” (Rev-1220). If your fundraising sale of WalkOnWatercolors prints exceeds the 7 day limit on yearly sales, if you fundraise more than 3 times a year with us, and if you do not have the valid forms, you will need to pay taxes on your fundraising sales.